The Gilded Bubble

I've lived in St. Augustine most of my life, but my business is relatively new. I found my love of soap-making during quarantine and quickly decided I wanted to turn my passion into a business. I make all-natural, cruelty free soaps with a vegan base recipe. I also make soaps with local honey from The Honey Truck Co. I love using bright colors and light, refreshing scents for a beautiful, great-smelling soap that cleanses without drying.




We’re Becca and Katie, two pharmacy girls who love everything fashion. We created tiedyeRx out of quarantine and turned a hobby into full-time hustle bringing you hand-dyed, one of a kind pieces—a prescription for your closet if you will. We love our St. Augustine community and can’t wait to meet you at the pop-up!

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Lanes Handmade

Lanes handmade is a collective of handmade dreamcatchers, crafts and art by 2 cousins Hanna Kuczinski and Emily Spoering. Both have been creating for a while but have never decided to actually offer them for sale until now! They look forward to sharing their creations with everyone.

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Riah's Raw Creations

STA local, twin mom, lover of cats, plant enthusiasts, kind of hippie kind of hood, hot mess all over the place with a song always stuck in my head. I’m one of those people who knows a little bit about a lot and can provide one random fact a day at some random time. It’s just who I am and it’s how I got here. 2020 hit hard with quarantine and I needed a new hobby. After countless hours of watching videos, a few books and lots of oops projects later I’m a self taught macrame artist.



Angel Spice/Ethereal Accessories

Hi! I’m Kyra, a Jersey girl who’s obsessed with all things Y2K, fashion, and jewelry. Angel Spice is an early 2000s inspired jewelry and accessory brand that I started when I was a junior at Flagler College and it has been growing ever since. Find me on etsy at AngelSpiceShop and instagram @angel_spice_



Maggie Mayd Art

I was raised in East Tennessee, and after having lived in Charlotte, Washington D.C, Chicago, and NYC, now find a new home in historic, coastal St. Augustine.  All these places have been influential to by artistic endeavors.


New on the St. Augustine art beat, I am thrilled to grow amongst the oldest city’s freshest talent.  My acrylic art is defined by vibrant color, hues that evoke emotion and positive energy. I specialize in custom pet portraits and custom shark tooth acrylic paintings. I live for animals and coffee.  However, scents of fine roast and dog breath don’t always mix.



Beewitched Designs

I’m a Saint Augustine local with a newfound passion for jewelry. I’m also a student at Flagler College, and aspiring writer, and a paranormal investigator. I’m all about good vibes and fun colors, so I put my heart and creativity into each piece I put together!



Tremblay Art

I’m originally from the small beach town of New Smyrna Beach, but I’m currently living in St.Augustine. Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Even in pre-school, I can remember telling everyone I wanted to be an artist when we had to do a ‘what I want to be when I grow up’ project. But, it wasn’t until quarantine that I had the time to finally sit down and make an inventory and a business Instagram. Since then, I have been creating with mediums ranging from macrame, paintings, resin art, graphic design, board bags, and much more. 



Art by Maddi

I was born, raised, and still reside in St Augustine, Florida. I am a painter and a graphic design student at Flagler College. I enjoy painting on canvases with acrylic paint and usually end up reflecting my love for traditional tattoo art, horror movies, and my hometown in my art pieces. I also create jewelry, shirts, and stickers based on my hand-painted or digital designs. My Instagram is @ArtByMaddi.904 and my Etsy store is ArtByMaddi904!

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Dreaming of Jupiter

We’re Erin and Caitlin, just two sisters who love all things Disney, cats, and arts. Dreaming of Jupiter was started in 2018 by Erin and when Caitlin joined in 2020 we turned it into our full time hustle. We can be found at local vendor events all around town. Find us on Instagram @dreamingofjupitercatchers and our Etsy shop is Dreaming of Jupiter.

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BT Nutrition

We are Better Together!
Here at BT Nutrition we are of the belief that when we support and collaborate with others who are like minded we all rise. We are a local nutrition hub with a mission to impact people’s lives and help them become better in every way. We started our business post shut down 2020 in response to what the world needed, a positive community and a place where you can go to nourish your body and mind. It was quite a risk opening a new business not know if we would be able to remain open but we followed our intuition and are now helping many and having a blast doing it.
We love to invite people to come to our bar located at 1972 US1 South to enjoy healthy on the go drinks like smoothies, teas, boba and snacks that keep you fueled and feeling great.



Crochet with Passion

Katera, the owner and artist of Crochet with Passion is currently a college student with a major in Deaf Education and Elementary Education. Her goals are to become a sign language interpreter and mentor for children who are Deaf and hard of hearing. Katera started her business Crochet with Passion three years ago and has had nine years of crochet experience. A lady taught her how to crochet at an after school program many years ago and she never stopped crocheting since then. Katera enjoys crocheting and creating handmade fashion accessories. She has recently showcased her work in local markets, pop up shops, and exhibits in Florida. Katera encourages people to follow their passion and continue working hard to get to where they want to be.



Mindful Eyes Artistry

My name is Darby Hill and I’m the creator behind Mindful Eyes Artistry. I’m a self-taught artist and I’ve always wanted to share my gift with the world! My artwork is inspired by nature with a metaphysical abstract twist. My mediums range from acrylic, pen, and ink, to woodworks and hand-printed pieces! I’m available for commissions if you or someone you know are interested in something special! I’d love to create something unique just for you!



House of 1000 Projects

Nearly 2 years ago, Ali started House of 1000 Projects because she got so many requests for custom projects from friends and family. A jack-of-all-trades artist, Ho1000P is true to her name and up for tackling all your craft needs! Check out her IG & FB for examples of her work, and make sure to stop by her table at the next Girl Gang Swap Meet!



Ana Clay Co

I'm Anastasia- a bored 21-year-old who found her passion for clay in quarantine! I hand make minimalist clay earrings that are 18k gold plated and spruce up any outfit! I pop up all over Jacksonville and St. Augustine and love meeting people in person. All my work can be found on Instagram at and my Etsy shop AnaClayCo! 



Kristen's Cupcake Cafe

I’ve been baking professionally for about 2 years now. I decided I wanted to turn my passion into a business and share it with everyone! I specialize in cupcakes, cakes, and brownies but I also love baking all sorts of goods. I also cater to vegan and gluten-free audiences. My personal favorite is my chocolate peanut butter cupcakes!

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Fire and Moth Co

Fire and Moth Co started at the end of 2019 after Melissa discovered a new hobby for resin crafting and flower preservation. Fire and Moth Co mostly focuses on jewelry and home decor items. Melissa wanted to take her personal style to crafting and share with the world! You can find her online at and local vendor events!



Art by Gracio

Grace Garlesky is an artist from Louisville, Kentucky who now lives and works in Saint Augustine. She makes time between her classes at Flagler College to draw, collage, and design. She is strongly influenced by her surroundings and strives to maintain a calming aesthetic with whimsical undertones.



Lauren Eliza Designs

I’m a current senior at Flagler college working to get my BFA in graphic design. My specialties include layout design, logo design, and a newfound love for screen printing! Lately, I’ve been creating a lot of prints and stickers. I love that graphic design allows the opportunity for art to be seen in so many different outlets!



Mad Mix Artworks

Mad Mix Artworks is a smattering of art created by a dad and daughter duo in the St. Augustine area. From polymer clay magnets to metal robots to pour paintings and vinyl printing, Sammy and Dave create a variety of art pieces using vastly different materials and techniques. 



Old Heart Ceramics

Old Heart Ceramics was created out of a long journey of clay hand building hobby turned into a wheel throwing quarantine hobby. Each ceramic piece is hand thrown on the pottery wheel& fired in the kiln twice to its final temp of over 2000 degrees F. I have grown up in Jacksonville, FL & it makes my heart so happy to have my pieces spread around the city I love.



Krayige Faye & KenKennedy

Ciarra C. T. is a jack of all trades when it comes to all things handmade and crafts. Ciarra believes it means a little more when it is made with your own two hands than mass produced. Always taking an interest in art, she pursued a degree in Art History and honed in on interior design. Her current interest is in soy candles and perfecting the science behind it, but who knows what is next in Ciarra’s ever-changing creative world.

Follow her along on her journey to keep up! @krayigefayehc


Currently residing in Jacksonville, FL. Kendra is passionate about creating unique and unforgettable consumer experiences from one-of-a-kind novelty goods to special events. Having worked with creative agencies, fashion brands and live music festivals, Ken is socially and culturally aware of the consumer’s desire to not just be a customer, but to be a valued part of the brands that they support. Acknowledging this desire, she aims to work alongside clients to ensure that their visions for their brands, projects or events are successfully executed from start to finish. Ken guarantees an incomparable and aesthetically pleasing experience with each project, custom good and event.