Why I Started Girl Gang STA


"I have been wanting to start something for awhile and couldn’t decide how to go about it. I was honestly scared to put myself out there and share my experiences but everything happens to us so we can learn and grow and hopefully help others going through something similar. I have been a victim of emotional abuse and stalking. I was unable to use my phone or bank accounts, no social media. I was unable to function due to one human being bringing me down. I dealt with that for several years and will probably have to deal with it for the rest of my life. I have been broken several times since then. I have been alone through some of it, but I also have strong women in my family that I am blessed with as well as some friends who helped me through those dark times.


As a female who has been through some severe struggles, I don’t want anyone to struggle alone. We as women need to encourage and lift each other up. Never let a fellow woman struggle alone, especially in her darkest of times. This is why I wanted to start Girl Gang STA, a non-profit organization aimed to support other women.


I kicked it off in October of 2019 with the bimonthly "Girl Gang Bazaar" where local female creatives and small business owners attend the event to share and sell their work. It’s a fun event for women to get to know other locals in the community and create a safe, fun place where the community can shop, sip and sell. While we have some regular vendors at each event, we always have new ones sharing their creations. There will always be unique clothing, shoes, crystals, art, food, jewelry, and other handcrafted items to check out. Each event also includes a fundraising aspect for local foundations in need of donations. We've partnered with local women’s shelters, teen groups, LGBTQIA+ networks, and senior care organizations...anyone we can reach in a positive way. If you or anyone you know is a mental life coach, or a part of any program that needs help encouraging women, please reach out and we would love to help support.

Ladies let’s spread the love!"


- Stephanie Newman, Founder & President