Come support over 40 local businesses owned and operated by women in the St. Augustine community!

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Take a look at the creatives attending the August event and click on their photo to view their products/services



Crochet with Passion

Katera, the owner and artist of Crochet with Passion is currently a college student with a major in Deaf Education and Elementary Education. Her goals are to become a sign language interpreter and mentor for children who are Deaf and hard of hearing. Katera started her business Crochet with Passion three years ago and has had nine years of crochet experience. A lady taught her how to crochet at an after school program many years ago and she never stopped crocheting since then. Katera enjoys crocheting and creating handmade fashion accessories. She has recently showcased her work in local markets, pop up shops, and exhibits in Florida. Katera encourages people to follow their passion and continue working hard to get to where they want to be.



Mindful Eyes Artistry

My name is Darby Hill and I’m the creator behind Mindful Eyes Artistry. I’m a self-taught artist and I’ve always wanted to share my gift with the world! My artwork is inspired by nature with a metaphysical abstract twist. My mediums range from acrylic, pen, and ink, to woodworks and hand-printed pieces! I’m available for commissions if you or someone you know are interested in something special! I’d love to create something unique just for you!



House of 1000 Projects

Ali Doyle (nerd/crafter/all around cool weirdo), started House of 1000 Projects because she got so many requests for custom projects from family and friends. A jack-of-all-trades artists, Ho1000P is true to her name and up for tackling all your craft needs! Check out her IG and FB for examples of her work, and make sure to stop by her table at the next Girl Gang Bazaar!



Monat Global

​Jenny Sanzo is an Associate Executive Director and Founder with Monat Global.  A former elementary school teacher, Jenny dove into the world of entrepreneurialism when she launched her blog and personal styling business in April of 2011.  The self-proclaimed Wardrobe Stylist and Entrepreneur Mentor is also a published writer, event planner, personal shopper, and guest speaker, who has traveled to work with national brands, participated in international social media campaigns, and been featured in Lucky Magazine, People StyleWatch, Inside Edition and more.  Jenny lives in St Augustine with her husband and two children. 



Zoey & Opal

Zoey & Opal is a small online boutique that offers a selection of women’s clothing and accessories. We carry fun, feminine, and beachy styles that are perfect for all of your vacation ready looks. We focus on high-quality materials, affordable prices, and trendy styles you’ll love! 

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Earth Dancer

Whether it’s painting, beading, weaving, sewing or magazine collage Nicole is always down to
experiment with any form of art. Through the years upcycling became an important part of how she
creates. Using materials like old pieces of jewelry to create new jewelry, old t-shirts into decorative
pillow covers & bags, wine corks and old wood pieces into trivets and vision boards, even a previously
painted canvas & expired magazines can be turned into a new piece of wall art. You can find Nicole on Facebook as Nicole Samuels, on Instagram @8earthdancer8 or through email



Avery Shane Co

Born and raised in South Florida, I have been creating for more than two decades. I moved to Jacksonville in 2007 and began selling my art five years later. I draw inspiration from anything be it my love of true crime, tattoos & movies, to my Hungarian Romani heritage. I cannot stick to one aesthetic and my shop beautifully reflects that in a multitude of mediums. I wanted to share my love for creating and art with everyone which is why I do what I do with my shop. You can find more on my Instagram @averyshaneco or my online shop: 



Art by Maddi

Hello, my name is Madison McKenzie! I was born, raised, and still reside in sunny St Augustine, Florida. I am a painter and a graphic design student at Flagler College. I enjoy painting on canvases with acrylic paint, and usually end up reflecting my love for traditional tattoo art, horror movies, and my hometown in my art pieces. I also create jewelry, shirts, stickers, more based off my hand painted or digital work. Check out my website or my Instagram @artbymaddi.904 to shop or stay posted on my latest artwork!



JuJuBees Studio

JuJuBees Studio started in 2020 as a way for me to combine my
love of jewelry making with my appreciation for the honey bee. After
graduating Flagler College in 2019 with a degree in Fine Art, I began
to think of what I actually had a passion for. Once I got polymer clay
in my hands, I realized I was able to create a wide range of pieces
ranging from earrings to coasters and everything in between. My
business is young, but I am full of passion and ready to create
something for everyone to love.



Mudd Slinger

My name is Heather Williams and I'm the owner/artist behind Mudd Slinger. I'm a Jacksonville native with a love for all things creative. Mudd Slinger was created out of my interest in hand-built pottery that lead me to learning wheel throwing. In my shop, you'll find a variety of earrings, paintings, and pottery. Check out my Instagram @mudd.slinger to see my work!



BeeWitched Designs

I’m a Saint Augustine local with a newfound passion for jewelry. I’m also a student at Flagler College, and aspiring writer, and a paranormal investigator. I’m all about good vibes and fun colors, so I put my heart and creativity into each piece I put together!




Hi, my name’s Adelyn & I’m the maker behind Genuitea, a small business dedicated to making face + body products for those with sensitive skin. Having sensitive skin myself, I wanted to give others an option for products that they could trust. Our ingredients are clean as they’re all plant derived along with being sustainably packaged. I handcraft everything which you can find at local pop ups and over on Etsy @Genuitea!



Fairytale Headquarters

My name is Brittney VanGemert  and I'm the owner and founder of Fairytale Headquarters .

On November 6, 2014 , I was a passenger in a traumatic car accident.  During my recovery  I wanted to come up with a way to pay back to those who have helped me  get through that difficult time. 
I was a huge fan of cosplay and all throughout  middle school and high school, I would travel to different conventions dressed as my favorite characters from various television shows.
During my lengthy  stay in Shands Hospital , after I was fully recovered I wanted to dress as Disney-inspired characters and spend time on the weekends spreading magic at local hospitals.
I also wanted to combine my love for dressing up with a way to give back. So I came up with an idea to have true to life characters be able to visit your little one for any event in their life.
Fairytale Headquarters currently offers princesses and superheroes , as well as villains, with so much more to come!




We’re Becca and Katie, two pharmacy girls who love everything fashion. We created tiedyeRx out of quarantine and turned a hobby into full-time hustle bringing you hand-dyed, one of a kind pieces—a prescription for your closet if you will. We love our St. Augustine community and can’t wait to meet you at the pop-up!

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Riah's Raw Creations

STA local, twin mom, lover of cats, plant enthusiasts, kind of hippie kind of hood, hot mess all over the place with a song always stuck in my head. I’m one of those people who knows a little bit about a lot and can provide one random fact a day at some random time. It’s just who I am and it’s how I got here. 2020 hit hard with quarantine and I needed a new hobby. After countless hours of watching videos, a few books and lots of oops projects later I’m a self taught macrame artist.



Caffeinated Plant Mamas

Caffeinated Plant Mamas is a team of two plant and coffee loving mamas. Our love for plants has grown so much in the past year so we decided to start our little business of selling house plants and homemade macrame.



Femme Fire Books

My name is Vanessa Nicolle, the owner of Femme Fire Books, an online new/used bookstore based out of Jacksonville. I started this business because I noticed a stark disparity in diversity among published books being sold in bookstores. So then I decided to create my own bookstore! My goal for Femme Fire Books is to celebrate diversity in literature and encourage reading for all. Femme Fire Books offers a diverse range of books reflecting the incredible cultural melting pot of what America represents. I want to sell books in order to create a space that champions a variety of voices, and not just the same mainstream authors. Let's read more books! 




My name is Maggie Borosky, I’m from Orlando, Florida, and my handmade fabric accessories & Kokedama small business is called FoSew.Co. I created FoSew.Co last year after spending lots of time at home making and creating! It started with just scrunchies, now I make headbands, keychains, earrings, dog collar bow ties, and my newest addition to my shop, handmade Kokedama plants!

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Juliana is a busy soccer mom of three who loves beaches, girlfriends and running. An ERVP with Arbonne, Jules is passionate about inspiring healthier living through Arbonne's vegan wellness and skincare products and empowering changes through Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living and monthly Breakfast Clubs. Small shifts can make a powerful difference in wellness and beauty, especially from gut health to the way you glow from the inside out.



Two Broke College Students

We are two broke college students Kayla Gilliam our dynamic CEO born and raised in Houston Texas enjoys shopping, anime and creative writing. Kayla is in charge of our marketing, website, and company inventory. Kayla is going to school to major in pre-law and minor in psychology. Our exuberant CEO Sydney Williams was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida enjoys sewing, acting, and creating new things. Sydney is in charge of the financial and legal of two broke college students as well as new vendors. Sydney majors in film and double minors in performing arts in fashion design. Kayla and Sydney met August 19 at Barry University in Miami Shores Florida as roommates in the first year of college and only two weeks later they started two broke college students with just lashes.

Our vision is to be a full function online store that is eco-friendly and cruelty free that brings women and men affordable Products that makes them feel at their best



The Joy Co Shop

​Liz, the creator and owner of The Joy Co Shop, started creating handmade jewelry during lockdown as hobby. She works a full time job in HR but still finds time to create and run her jewelry business. Liz creates to bring joy to those who follow along and wear her pieces. Liz graduated from The University of Central Florida in 2017 and has worked towards running her own business ever since. She loves to travel and spend time with friends and family. Follow along on her journey on Instagram: @thejoycoshop 



Attia Designs

My name is Diana, creator, and owner of Attia Designs, a minority-owned company. I named my company after my 4-year-old daughter, Isabella Delali Attia. Attia means gift in West Africa.
I was born and raised in Belize, CA, and came to the U.S. in 2007 to further my education. I am married to an amazing hubby and I have two children, Bella (4) and Enzo (2).
So, why earrings? I am completely obsessed with earrings and came across polymer clay earrings while browsing the internet one day. Quarantine from the pandemic gave me a lot of much needed time to explore my passions. The best part for me is putting my own style and unique perspective into every design. I put a lot of love and thought into each earring. The collection you see is an expression of my style. I switch up on any given day and love to add variety.
I hope you love my earrings as much as I enjoy making them for you!
Love and light-Diana



Chey Dyes

Haiya, I am Cheyenne or Chey,

creator of Chey Dyes from a small town called DeBary that I’ve lived in my entire life. You'll find me almost smack dab in the middle or Daytona and Orlando.

Chey Dyes is size inclusive ranging from XS-4X+ because I know how it feels to never find your size or be able to find those affordable yet trendy clothes. For me, dyed tees were never just a trend and have always caught my eye stylistically. 

Alongside of CheyDyes, after losing my job of 5+ years, I’m also going back to school and am currently enrolled at Valencia College for digital media. I started booking events because I was really missing out on social interactions and meeting new people every day - an experience I had while working at the theme parks. I’ve always loved strolling through pop-up events and being supportive of small businesses and now I take pride in also being a part of this wonderful community. Being a small business owner can be momentous at times but using the opportunities of owning a small business is what’s supporting me through school. A feeling that will never truly feel like more than just a dream forming into reality.



Aden Co

Hello! I’m Christina and I’m the owner of ADEN. While I’ve always had an undying love for candles, every time I lit one I would end up with headaches and nausea. After falling down a rabbit hole of research, thanks google, I came to understand just how toxic most household candles are. I set out to make non-toxic, eco-friendly, vegan candles that did not sacrifice quality. That’s when I launched ADEN, a company that values transparency. I offer luxurious, minimalist designed scented candles that bring comfort and relaxation to every home. You can find me at local markets and events. Stay updated on all things ADEN: Instagram | website



WillaEve Boutique

WillaEve - where fashion, boldness, and femininity converge.

Founded by entrepreneur and mother of three, Emily Medina, WillaEve is the expression of her vision of empowering women through fashion and style.  Driven to shake off fear and doubt, Emily stepped out of her comfort zone, and created WillaEve. The name evokes the courage to risk the unknown and the femininity and grace to do it in style. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, WillaEve is an online boutique of carefully curated contemporary fashion with classic styles and exclusive vintage pieces – handpicked by Emily to inspire a bold free spirit.  



The Gilded Bubble

I've lived in St. Augustine most of my life, but my business is relatively new. I found my love of soap-making during quarantine and quickly decided I wanted to turn my passion into a business. I make all-natural, cruelty free soaps with a vegan base recipe. I also make soaps with local honey from The Honey Truck Co. I love using bright colors and light, refreshing scents for a beautiful, great-smelling soap that cleanses without drying.



Kristen's Cupcake Cafe

I’ve been baking professionally for about 2 years now. I decided I wanted to turn my passion into a business and share it with everyone! I specialize in cupcakes, cakes, and brownies but I also love baking all sorts of goods. I also cater to vegan and gluten-free audiences. My personal favorite is my chocolate peanut butter cupcakes!



Resin by Sharon

Sharon Luther is a Saint Augustine artist who started oil painting in 2015. Current exhibitions are primarily resin-based beach scenes. 

Sharon has a BA in Mathematics from Temple University and a MBA from Penn State. After working for a company for 23 years as an IT professional, Sharon started a new career in art, something she has always had a passion for.

bt nutrition.jpg


BT Nutrition

We are Better Together! Here at BT Nutrition we are of the belief that when we support and collaborate with others who are like minded we all rise. We are a local nutrition hub with a mission to impact people’s lives and help them become better in every way. We started our business post shut down 2020 in response to what the world needed, a positive community and a place where you can go to nourish your body and mind. It was quite a risk opening a new business not know if we would be able to remain open but we followed our intuition and are now helping many and having a blast doing it.We love to invite people to come to our bar located at 1972 US1 South to enjoy healthy on the go drinks like smoothies, teas, boba and snacks that keep you fueled and feeling great.



Fancy Society

My name is Adjani! ( Ad+Jay+Nee) I have always loved jewelry. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I saw fashion everywhere. I loved seeing how a piece of jewelry completely changed a look. When I was a little girl, I would spend hours playing in my mother's jewelry box, sometimes when she was getting ready to go out, she would let me select her jewelry, this was my favorite and still one of my favorite memories.  On Saturdays, I would go to flea markets and go to every booth that had jewelry! When I was in middle school, I spent my allowance at Claire's! Costume Jewelry has always and still is my favorite. 

The Fancy Society story started after years of being a jewelry buyer for boutiques and creating handmade jewelry for friends and myself. I always loved hearing how happy customers were, with the selections I chose and compliments when I wore my pieces. The words " so fancy" were often used. 

I wanted to create a brand for the woman that loves to sparkle, live colorfully and be fancy! I spend a lot of time carefully curating and creating a cute and affordable collection. 

Be Fancy..Live Fancy!    



Costa Handmade

Costa Handmade creates original polymer clay earrings and necklaces, inspired by simplicity and nature to empower women to feel your best. You are capable of amazing things! And while you don't need a pair of earrings to know that, my hope is that these pieces will bring a smile to that beautiful face of yours and encourage you with confidence to be the change maker you already are! All pieces are handmade by me, Chelsea, right here in St. Augustine.




Candleleaf is a woman-owned, small business based in the San Marco area of Jacksonville, FL. Amy Shepherd and Ashley Nichols are the co-owners of Candleleaf.

We got started in January of 2019. 

We enjoy participating in local markets around town and we are at Riverside Arts Market every weekend. 

Our candles are made with soy wax, toxin-free fragrance oils, and cotton wicks. Having natural ingredients and a clean burn is important to Candleleaf! 

We love being a local business in Jacksonville and love being a part of the local candle, San Marco, and Jacksonville community!



driftaway jewelry

driftaway jewelry is a collection of handmade jewelry carefully crafted with precious gemstones and unique beading, made for dreamers - by dreamers. Each piece has its own special and unique qualities, just like you. Whether you are a hippie at heart, free spirit, loyal local, or a traveling gal we are so happy to have you. Each piece is handmade by driftaway owner Dowling Gibson, a jewelry lover and beach dweller. driftaway believes in jewelry you can wear for a lifetime, unique design, fun colors, and the daydreams they inspire!



Tiffany's Trendy Creations

I'm Tiffany, the creator of Tiffany's Trendy Creations. I am a single mom devoted to making a great life for my son. Growing up as a child and throughout high-school I always had a creative mind. I was always wanting to create something handmade instead of bought. Although I've always had the creators mentality, I did start Tiffany Trendy Creations until 2020.  I am very new with my buisness i have a passion for creating different things. I am self taught with everything I make, I'm always up for a challenge, and nothing is ever to hard for me to try. I also make custom orders per request. Some of my items can be purchased on

 etsy: Tiffanys Trendy Creations, Instagram: @tiffanystrendycreations  and Facebook.



Absolutely Knot

Hi I'm Wendy Solomon-Varnadore,  I'm the hands behind Absolutely Knot. I started this passion about a year ago while teaching my daughter kindergarten since we opted to do it virtually.  I fell in love, it quickly became a passion for me and her both. So, very soon after, Absolutely Knot was born. At first I mostly  crafted mainly plant hangers. However, I quickly found my love is with my wall pieces.

I am very excited to join in on the fun at the Girl Gang Bazaar. Can not wait to meet all these beautiful Women entrepreneurs!  Also, I'm very excited to present Absolutely Knot. 



Awkwardly Chique

I am a Jacksonville based jewelry designer, maker, and self-described awkward girl. I make cute, whimsical clay earrings and accessories, independently and by hand.An affordable piece of jewelry is hard to find. If you're looking for something with character, you've come to the right place!